Where to leave?

You're planning a big change this year. Since you've seen a neighbor's photograph of the holiday, you're quietly envied and think of retaliation. Luxurious log cabin equipped with everything you can think of, in the garden sitting, fireplace, smokehouse, pool, sandbox, inside bath with whirlpool, sauna, spacious dining room, just a dream! You have to go through the whole lists of huts and cottages to rent and see where the people are going. So it rides…
Holidays with a touch of relaxation
No chases in sunbathing and plants with bath towels on the beach. Instead of compulsory sunbathing, you prefer to play badminton in the spacious garden, sleep on the pleasant sun loungers in the shade and listen to music, and enjoy a meal from the grill, which goes nonstop. The chalets and cottages for rent in both US and Slovakia have something to do.