Innocent visit

It's a rainy Saturday, but it doesn't bother you, for you are going to visit your long-time friend. She just rereconstructed the house and the event is supposed to be a big one with friends and friends. You'll be quick to see if you can go and get on today's party. You can't wait to see the whole reconstruction. You also plan on one in summer.
Oh the surprise
And really, you're standing in the doorway with your mouth wide. Everything new, thoughtful to the last detail. And the floor, it fits all over. How did you do that? That's the question of all the arrivals. You know, the hostess did not leave anything to chance, and all the work was handed over to the firm by the Pilsen floor. And after the result, you now pedal. That's worth it? So do not wait for anything and you are already thinking about your reconstruction.