Going to a birthday party

In less than a week your daddy will celebrate 70 birthday. With her husband you are going to celebrate in his honor. You would be very happy to join his very close friends to the invitees from both of your families. You are planning a spectacular celebration with a number of guests counting in the order of 50 people. Recently, the garden Architect has nicely modified your garden, and now you and your husband were considering organizing a celebration in the open air. But, you're not quite sure what the weather will be at the end of the month.
From the offer of hobby markets
Nowadays, in hobby markets there is a wide assortment of goods for garden sitting and partying. For producers of garden furniture, grilling etc. It is a very interesting area of the market. For demanding customers, shops with garden equipment are prepared to offer party tents. It is a novelty of recent years, but it is very popular among customers. If we approached you, try them, and the birthday celebration of your father will not spoil the weather.