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5 of the Best Hidden Cameras Under 100 Dollars

Gone are the days when things were so expensive because there was then no advancement in technology but nowadays you can find some things which were considered to be very prestigious sold cheaply. If you have been admiring to have a spy camera but you were afraid that it might cost you a lot, you need to smile since you can get a camera with under 100 dollars. There are various types of spy cameras so when you go to get one you need to look at the features and then you select the one that will suit you. You can look at the following hidden cameras that you can get with as less as 100 dollars.

USB wall charger-price:$59.99. Even if this hidden camera is cheaper, it is a very good spy camera and you will get it in under 60 dollars. Using this camera is very simple so you will not get troubled when using it. With this camera, you can record 720p HD and the recording can take up to 20 hours. This camera requires that you plug it in a place where it will be able to record any movement.

1080 spy pen-price $58.99. If you want a camera that you can carry, this is the right camera for you. When using this camera, you cannot be suspected that you are using a spy camera because it is very discreet. The life battery of this camera is one hour and above.

With89.99 dollars, you can get a 2K mini spy camera. The camera is very small but it takes recordings very well. This camera can stay up to three hours with a charge. The good thing with this type of the camera is that you can charge this camera while it’s still in use and no one will notice it. You can use the 2K mini spy camera and no one will realize whether it’s being used because it doesn’t produce light.

There is another spy camera recognized by the name MX-20 and its charges are $89.99. This other type of camera is designed to resemble a smartphone charger. For this camera, it takes videos while it’s recording the sounds. This camera will make use of a micro SD card and it is able to store a memory of 32GB with a recording time of 15-20 hours.

Vehicle key FOB spy camera cost 78.99 dollars. With an FOB spy camera, you can make use of it in the open and you don’t have to fear because everyone will think that you are holding your car key and it goes with as low as 78.99 dollars.

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