Accommodation Mountains

Are you looking for an ideal holiday where you could take your family or friends and want a few days to relax from the noisy city streets? Then take advantage of our offer of accommodation mountain and surely you will not regret!
The accommodation of the mountain is the best opportunity to enjoy the beautiful mountain areas at a very pleasant price. You can choose from a very wide and interesting range of offers, which are completely from all interesting mountain areas in the Czech Republic, to which our company specializes. Beskydy, Lužiky Mountains, giant Mountains and Jeseníky-all this and much more in our offer you will find.
Visit our website
If you are interested in our offer, we recommend you to visit our well-arranged and highly processed web site, where under the section "Accommodation of the mountain" you will find all the necessary information, as well as contacts to us. For yourself, make sure of the quality we offer you.


Our announcement will help you realize the wedding

Wedding announcements will allow you to style and with the refinement to announce your life step. So choose it carefully, even in accordance with the style of the wedding. Choosing text, motto, graphics and other parameters can be quite challenging, we offer you the already finished lyrics and the most used motto for use or inspiration, but you can also make designs entirely own.
Printed Wedding announcement is a classic way of announcement of the wedding, its date, time, place, information about the groom and the bride and others. Choose from our varied range of realizations, and be original and stylish. Announcements can be classic or exclusive or non-traditional. It depends entirely on you.
Notifications for demanding
Our wedding announcements can meet even the most demanding ones. We have the possibilities of beautiful exclusive papers, many methods of printing, color design, shapes and sizes.


We’ll create a perfect notification

Your satisfaction is the most important thing for our company, so you can fully trust us. Wedding announcement will surely have for your unique event not only a perfect appearance, but you can also choose your own wedding text, which will convey the depth of your feelings.
Thanks to the wedding text, which is stated on the wedding invitation to your relatives, friends, acquaintance will know the basic details of the spouses, about the place and time when the ceremony is held, and the announcement so picks up on the grandeur and beauty. You have no idea for any interesting text, then leave it to us.
Wedding Lyrics
Do you know if the wedding texts on your wedding announcement will be interesting and concise? Therefore, do not hesitate to visit our site and we will help you to make a wedding announcement with the wedding text, either according to your own idea or just leave it to us.


They are suitable for everyday and festive days

Our tempted offer is here for those who like to give frozen delicacies. It's our first-class ice cream. It will bring you cool refreshment especially in the middle of hot months. I'm sure we're all familiar with it. On each corner you will find a booth in which you can see it. They are available in many varieties, so you just need to choose the best option for you.
Superior quality and good taste
Our ice cream is a hot summer. Well, you know that. It refreshes well, but also gives us little relief for at least a short time. There is no problem to procure it in winter. Her lovers know where to buy it. Some people choose supermarkets, others prefer it to their favorite café. As soon as the spring weather erupts, you will be able to get it directly in kioests.


Choose a modern painting

Decorating your apartment may not always be difficult. Just have a little taste and know where to buy. For example, you can order paintings on the wall in a modernist style. They are suitable not only to homes, but also to the offices. It is not a colourful blurry, but a piece of work that consists mostly of photographs. This is from photos that are sent to us by our customers. For us, you do not have to order only finished works, but also create paintings according to your own ideas.
We produce fast
A really large number of gifted artists work for our company. Some are devoted only to painting, others take pictures. Thanks to the fact that there are so many, we are able to produce the work within ten working days. Technology is also helping us. For example, a special inkjet technology produced by Canon.


The Hotel is worth

Our Hotel Kolín is one of the best equipped pensions in the region. We offer rooms with comfortable beds and great facilities. In each of them you will find both a large TV and a connection to the Internet via WIFI. Of course, in each room there is also sanitary facilities with a bathroom. We definitely won't regret your visit.
With us you are great to eat
Not only our rooms are at the top level. We can also offer you sensational dishes from our top chefs. We use mainly quality raw materials from domestic breeding, so do not worry about some gastronomic substitutes. We will be playing a great pianist with experience from many hotels around the world. The whole restaurant is non-smoking, mainly because of the children's Corner, which is also located in it.


Our cabinets are reliable


We would recommend that you visit our shop or website, where you will surely discover cabinets that have everything you want. It is simple, we will prepare the cabinets, exactly as you enter them. You will choose the material, dimensions, internal arrangement of the Fochs and tailor the dimensions.
It's simple!

Choose one of our stores, or already on the website, look for the necessary contacts and get the first information, and together we will create a project that suits you and result in a successful realization, the result of which you will Long-term use.


Mácha Lake

Fulfill your dream of a beautiful summer holiday. Come and relax in the woman of amazing nature, whose centre is the beautiful Mácha Lake, which offers plenty of opportunities to spend your free time.
Do you like biking? If so, you can rent a bike if you like to play tennis, tennis courts are also available. If you like sunbathing, then take advantage of the Aquapark, which is on one of the beaches located on the shore. Mácha Lake is ideal for water fun or hiking around the area. Visit the nearby Bezděz Castle or the Houska castle. Ideal for a family holiday and with you can also take your dog pet.

Weekend Stay
If you would like to visit Mácha Lake only for the weekend, our cottage settlement is the right place. We also offer half-board option. Do not hesitate to book a chat via the booking form on the website.


Where to leave?

You're planning a big change this year. Since you've seen a neighbor's photograph of the holiday, you're quietly envied and think of retaliation. Luxurious log cabin equipped with everything you can think of, in the garden sitting, fireplace, smokehouse, pool, sandbox, inside bath with whirlpool, sauna, spacious dining room, just a dream! You have to go through the whole lists of huts and cottages to rent and see where the people are going. So it rides…
Holidays with a touch of relaxation
No chases in sunbathing and plants with bath towels on the beach. Instead of compulsory sunbathing, you prefer to play badminton in the spacious garden, sleep on the pleasant sun loungers in the shade and listen to music, and enjoy a meal from the grill, which goes nonstop. The chalets and cottages for rent in both US and Slovakia have something to do.


Bed linen

As a bed linen retailer, we think about you! We therefore sell bed linen mainly from cotton, but also from synthetic materials. The quality of materials is already at a high level, so bed linens from us will last long and constantly in nice, saturated colors, which just do not fade by repeated washing.
Of course cotton bed linen is a pleasant feeling of touch and certainly constant maintenance of the feeling of warmth. The most commonly sold bed linen covers are from 100% cotton with button fastening, or a velcro fastener. For discerning customers who enjoy luxury and perfect comfort, satin bed linens are prepared in our e-shop, which have a delicate and smooth surface.
With our bed linen you will be as in paradise
Bed linens that will give you a calm and peaceful sleep, only from us!